A picture of John Quijada in a psychedelic frame.

John Quijada

Creator of Ithkuil, Ilaksh, and more!

John Quijada is a conlanger, musician, artist, and board game creator. John debuted his master work Ithkuil in 2004, and since then has undertaken a series of revisions on it, the latest being presented this year. His work on Ithkuil has earned him a great deal of notoriety within the conlanging community, and in the wider world. In addition to conlanging, John has been writing music for decades, including the music of Kaduatán, whose lyrics he composed in Ithkuil. Recently, John has been devoting time to his latest artform, board game creation. Amongst John's creations are Flare Star, a post-terrestrial survival game, and Läboratøry: Glory or the Gulag, a send up of Mission Impossible-era Eastern European intrigue, invention, and espionage.

Selected Conlang-Related Works