A picture of Sylvia Sotomayor in a psychedelic frame.

Sylvia Sotomayor

Creator of Kélen, Sodna-leni, Kenda Soro, and more!

Sylvia Sotomayor is a conlanger and artist. She received her B.A. in linguistics from UC Berkeley and has been conlanging since she was very young. She began work on her signature conlang, Kēlen, when she was in junior high, and she's been working on it steadily ever since. Sylvia's been a member of the conlang community since the 1990s, and served as the treasurer of the Language Creation Society for many years. She has been working on a new language for the last decade or so, revising it extensively several times. She is, furthermore, a fond friend of felines.

Selected Conlang-Related Works